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Intercom Enterprise Application infrastructure Service offerings provide integrated services on software products and solutions to store, and manage enterprise's infrastructure data and resources by providing data protection, security, business continuity, system and network management.

Intercom Enterprise Application infrastructure Service offerings leverages the following technologies from IBM technology stack, namely:

> IBM Tivoli(R) Storage Manager

Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) solution is insurance for your data. If a disk drive fails, TSM restores lost data. If you accidentally delete a file, TSM will bring it back. If your entire operation is hit by a disaster, TSM keeps your data safe. With Tivoli Storage Manager, your data is insured by copying active online data to offline and offsite storage, even from 24x365 applications. But that’s not all. If your data growth exceeds your storage capacity, TSM can effectively extend your capacity. TSM moves inactive data from online storage to less expensive offline or nearline storage. Like the perfect employee, TSM automates and centralizes all these functions, making reports and providing alerts for unusual events. TSM insures the data on any number of computers running any of more than a dozen different operating systems from laptops to mainframes. In short, TSM is the complete data protection application.

> IBM Tivoli(R) Configuration Manager

Knowledge of what software is installed on end-user systems and the ability to update that software from a single point of control are critical to realizing the value of your IT investments. Additionally, the ability to track hardware and software is a force multiplier within the enterprise. Now these essential functions are integrated into one configuration management tool that can help you automate the deployment and inventory of your servers, desktops, laptops, handheld devices and personal digital assistants.
IBM® Tivoli® Configuration Manager helps reliably and efficiently maintain the mission-critical software that runs your business. It helps maintain control of both your assets and their specific configurations to better serve your internal and external customers.

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