Services  Integration and warehousing Services

Intercom Integration and warehousing Service provides a set of data integration products that enable companies to create and manage scalable data integration infrastructures for the implementation of CRM analytics, decision support, enterprise applications and e-business. In addition, business processes can be automated and improved to help expedite decision-making, activity assignments and accountability.

Intercom Integration and warehousing Service offerings leverages the following technologies from IBM technology stack, namely:

> Ascential Software:

Ascential Software Corporation is the leading provider of enterprise data integration solutions to the Global 2000. Customers use Ascential's products to turn vast amounts of disparate, unrefined data into reusable information assets that drive business success. Ascential's products enable customers to easily collect, validate, organize, administer and deliver information assets to realize business benefits, such as more informed decision-making, a pervasive understanding of business operations, improved operational efficiency, and an enhanced ability to attract and retain customers.

Ascential's iterations Methodology is a proven framework for Enterprise Data Integration projects, based on more than 500 customer initiatives led by Ascential consultants. It's comprehensive, step-by-step approach takes your team from initial planning and strategy all the way through to tactical implementation.

Ascential Software provides a set of data integration products that enable companies to create and manage scalable data integration infrastructures for the implementation of CRM analytics, decision support, enterprise applications and e-business.

> IBM WebSphere Data Integration Suite

IBM WebSphere Data Integration Suite, is the one solution that supports integration of all data types, providing your organization with a solid basis for expediting transactions, streamlining operations, supporting customers and making sound decisions.

You can pull it all together with a single technology platform and integrated product suite, from a single vendor, with a single source for best practices, strategic direction and day-to-day support.

> IBM® WebSphere® AuditStage

IBM® WebSphere® AuditStage™, a complementary technology to IBM® WebSphere® ProfileStage™, extends our comprehensive data profiling solution with a repeatable, auditable, and iterative methodology. Built on the sound data quality principles of defect detection and process improvement, IBM WebSphere AuditStage makes it possible to do data quality assurance by detecting data defects and measuring data quality improvements over time to help you gain control of your information assets and obtain optimum value from your business intelligence infrastructure.

WebSphere AuditStage provides data quality assurance capabilities to support rapid development of reliable data transformation systems and provide vital meta data about the new target after it has been implemented. WebSphere AuditStage optimizes your existing investment in your business intelligence infrastructure and minimizes total cost of ownership.

> IBM® WebSphere® DataStage® MVS

Leveraging select capabilities of the IBM WebSphere Data Integration Suite™, the IBM® WebSphere® DataStage® MVS™ Edition gives you mainframe native data integration capabilities. WebSphere DataStage MVS Edition lets you integrate legacy mainframe data with other enterprise data. And it gives you the flexibility to choose what's right for you, whether that means integrating data between applications and databases on the mainframe, or between mainframe and different operating systems such as UNIX, Red Hat Linux and Windows.

WebSphere DataStage delivers four core capabilities, all of which are necessary for successful data transformation within any enterprise data integration project:

Connectivity to a wide range of mainframe, legacy and enterprise applications, databases, and external information sources — to ensure that every critical enterprise data asset can be used.
Comprehensive, intrinsic, pre-built library of 300 functions — to reduce development time and learning curves, increase data accuracy and reliability, and provide reliable documentation that lowers maintenance costs.
Maximum throughput from any hardware investment used in the completion of bulk tasks within the smallest batch windows, and the highest volumes of continuous, event-based transformations using a single high-performance parallel processing architecture.
Enterprise-class capabilities for development, deployment, and maintenance with no hand-coding required; and high-availability platform support — to reduce on-going administration and implementation risk.

> IBM® WebSphere® ProfileStage:

IBM WebSphere ProfileStage, a key component in IBM® WebSphere® Data Integration Suite, is our data profiling and source system analysis solution. IBM WebSphere ProfileStage completely automates this all-important first step in data integration, dramatically reducing the time it takes to profile data from months to weeks or even days. IBM WebSphere ProfileStage also drastically reduces the overall time it takes to complete large scale data integration projects, by automatically creating ETL job definitions that are run by IBM® WebSphere® DataStage®.

> IBM® WebSphere® DataStage

IBM® WebSphere® DataStage®, a core component of IBM® WebSphere® Data Integration Suite, enables you to tightly integrate enterprise information, regardless of the sources, targets and timeframes. Whether you're building an enterprise data warehouse to support the information needs of the entire company, building a "real-time" data warehouse, or integrating dozens of source systems to support strategic business systems like CRM, SCM, ERP, BI/analytics, and e-business, IBM WebSphere DataStage helps ensure the success of your enterprise data integration initiatives.

> IBM® WebSphere® QualityStage

IBM® WebSphere® QualityStage™ provides a powerful framework for developing and deploying data investigation, standardization, enrichment, probabilistic matching and survivorship operations. For use in transactional, operational, or analytic applications, in batch and real-time, the same services are seamlessly deployed to facilitate data validation, cleansing or master data entity consolidation for customers, locations and products.

Value to your organization:

. Ensures that all business decisions are based on complete, relevant, and accurate data
. Delivers information to business users in a form they understand
. Dramatically speeds development, time-to-value and ROI of new applications
. Provides a complete history and context of data for business and technical users
. Accommodates unlimited data volume growth without requiring costly rewrites
. Leverages and extends the value of existing integration investments
. Supports Real-time data integration