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IBM Information FrameWork (IFW) Solutions is a comprehensive set of banking-specific business models that represent good practice in banking. The framework includes Information Models, Process Models and Integration Models.

Information Models - include Banking Data Warehouse (BDW) and the Operational Data Store for consolidating customer information. BDW allow banks to improve their focus on the profitability of different products and lines of business and to achieve targeted and more effective marketing. BDW enable banks to build data warehouse solutions to meet their specific needs, whether departmental data marts or enterprise-wide data warehouses and include all of the key components required for the core of a data warehousing solution for retail banking, capital markets, private banking, credit unions, wholesale banking and central banks.

IBM Information FrameWork Operational Data Store (IFW ODS) - is a client management solution that enables a real-time single view of the customer throughout the enterprise. It ensures the integrity of operational customer information and supports consistent access by all business applications. IFW ODS provides improved efficiency to help banks reduce operational costs and build a comprehensive customer profile thereby reducing customer retention, acquisition and servicing costs.

Process Models is a set of best banking practice that are aligned with Basel II requirements. They are the result of over a decade of financial services-specific intellectual property developed by IBM. IFW was designed to help banks model and implement new sales processes, assist with branch renewal initiatives, and align business processes and organizational structure to strategy. They can also define project scope early to avoid duplication of effort so processes are optimized and appropriately reengineered. Banks can analyze application impacts and gaps while providing a ready-made set of customer-focused business process definitions.


This reduces time to market for new products, improves customer service and quickly provides regulators with required enterprise process models.
Integration Models - provide an enterprise-wide view of the business concepts common to all financial institutions. They have been developed to jump-start the development process by delivering new channels and services and specifying enterprise-wide message architecture. They generate messages and component specifications for interactions between new and existing systems to deliver a services-based architecture.