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Cards Issuing Solutions


This innovative solution allows efficient and comprehensive management of the issuing activity within a multi-card, multi-account and multi-application environment. The product also provides dynamic scoring and risk management while enhancing cardholders’ behavior pattern. In an e-payment context, it equally ensures the management of third parties relationships -banks, clearing centers, international and national payment networks such as Visa, MasterCard, CB, etc. and covers the complete management of issuer charge backs while allowing in-depth analysis of the issuing activity.

Cards Acquiring Solutions


Our global e-payment solution that offers a complete management of the acquiring activity through an EMV compliant and flexible acquiring management system which includes all functionalities from merchants subscription to claim management. It equally ensures a complete management of third parties relationship management such as banks, clearing centers and national and international payment networks like Visa, MasterCard, CB. This solution includes a complete and efficient management of acquirer chargeback and integrates a secure and detailed analysis of the acquiring activity.